Artist Statement

My painting consists primarily of acrylic paint and mixed media on canvas.   Color, aesthetic, and texture all create a rich frequency in my work allowing me to open my mind and heart. Inspired by music, freedom, and the willingness to change, this moment by moment process assists me in accessing valuable creative levels while affording me greater meaning and fulfillment.

I have built a collection of abstractions working through a lifetime of thoughts and experiences, many of which are adverse, others from desire to express with the intention to heal myself with creativity.  Spiritually, the daily practice of meditation clears my mind allowing me to create openly without judgement. Conscious awareness through meditation and artistic expression have become a powerful act of love and compassion for myself. This compels me to continue to create while advocating for the power of Art, self expression, and making positive changes.

Through creative expression, I find acceptance and empowerment while inspiring others to follow their passion.