Do Over Please?

I am embarking on the first large public showing of my  Art work and I could not be more excited for several reasons. I have never had an opportunity to create something for myself from start to finish.  Every painting I have created I actually like very much. I set out with little agenda other than to paint something that I like in the end.  I paint for one person and that is me.  Everyday I go to work justRead more

There is a first time for everything

My official blog goes something like this.  Welcome to my new and improved online gallery! With the help of a few talented people, I have put together what I believe to be the best version of my work in digital format.   There is nothing like standing in front of a painting.  You become part of the work spatially, visually, and emotionally.  You are moved spiritually.  Many times it is hard to determine why you are so drawn to aRead more